Harry Potter fan trains her dog to respond to wizard spells

Anna Brisbin, a voiceover actress known for her YouTube channel Brizzy Voices (which features her spot-on cartoon impressions) adopted a two-month old puppy in May 2018.

A Harry Potter fan, Brisbin named her new pet Remus—after Remus Lupin, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher/werewolf from the series.

“The Harry Potter books are my everything,” Brisbin told Pet Central, describing her dog’s namesake as “a highly underappreciated character.”

“He’s also a werewolf. And quite classy. So, I felt like the elegant look of a shaded cream longhaired Dachshund fit well with him!”

When Remus was about three months old, she enrolled him in puppy obedience classes. But instead of using the usual commands, she decided to honor the Harry Potter connection by doing things in a fun, different way:

She used spells from the series as dog commands. So, instead of the usual “play dead,” Brisbin says “Avada Kedavra,” the killing curse from Harry Potter, flicking a plastic wand.

Just like Harry’s poor parents, Remus falls to the ground and “dies” at the command:


Brisbin was amazingly able to train her dog to do an impressive number of tricks and commands, all using spells you’d usually only learn at Hogwarts.

She posted a video showing off her wizardly pup, and it’s gotten over a million views since January.

It’s a video that will delight Harry Potter fans everywhere. For those of you not overly familiar with J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world (get on that, it’s great) it’s still an adorable video of one very well-trained dog.

But to catch you up to speed, we’ll translate some more of the spells here.

There’s “Wingardium Leviosa,” the levitation spell, which makes Remus stand up on his hind legs:


There’s “Accio,” the summoning command Harry uses to fetch his flying broomstick during the Triwizard Tournament and Brisbin uses to get her dog to fetch balls:


And those are just the basic pet tricks. Brisbin has even used the spells to train her dog to use household items. “Alohomora,” the unlocking spell, gets Remus to step on a door-opening sensor, and “Lumos,” the light-producing spell, gets him to turn on light.

“It just involves a lot of treats, taking things slow, and positive reinforcement,” Brisbin told Pet Central. “Rather than clicker training, we just use the word ‘Yes.'”


It’s a funny video and a clever twist on the old dog tricks, but Brisbin says she utilized the same dog obedience training anyone can master.

“Just Google how to teach the dog whatever trick it is normally and simply use another word! It’s pretty easy,” she said. “Just take things slow and make sure it’s fun for them and you.”

But Remus seems to have his tricks down very well, and it’s the kind of good behavior many pet owners would envy. It looks like Brisbin trained him well… either that, or she secretly has him under the Imperius curse.

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