Golden retriever won’t go anywhere without his favorite toy: a stuffed animal that looks just like him

Anyone who has a dog knows they love their toys… but they always have that one favorite.

They could have a million balls and chew toys, but they’ll somehow always gravitate towards that same old worn-out toy they’ve been playing with since they were a puppy.

Sometimes you just want the comfort of an old familiar plaything. That’s definitely the case for one golden retriever—he’s so inseparable from his favorite toy, it’s practically his twin!

Barley’s favorite toy is a miniature version of himself: a stuffed golden retriever his owners bought when he was a puppy.

“A week before Barley came home, we were in IKEA and noticed all the stuffed golden retrievers on the shelves,” owners Zita Butler and Marc Wisselo told The Dodo. “We thought it would be fun for Barley to have a little friend.”

Little did they know, this would be their dog’s favorite toy for years to come.

You’ll rarely find Barley without the stuffed animal, known as Fluffy, by his side. The two do everything together, from hanging out on the couch to travelling around the world.

“So far Barley and Fluffy have explored the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany,” the owners said.

Since all dogs play rough even with their favorite toys, Zita and Marc have backup Fluffys just in case one ever gets lost or destroyed.

They said they are planning on stocking up on more on their next trip to IKEA… and just hope they don’t discontinue the line.

The beloved toy has even gotten Barley through some rough times. After he was neutered and came home wearing a protective “lampshade” cone around his head, his family put Fluffy in a cone, too—and it seems to have made a big difference.

“It definitely improved his mood,” the owners told The Dodo. “It was the sweetest thing to see Barley looking after Fluffy.”

“Both have since recovered and are doing well.”

Everyone needs a best friend, and it’s clear Barley has a close pal to keep him company and cheer him up no matter what.

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