Golden Labrador Lucy gives birth to litter of 13 black-coated puppies

Golden Labrador Lucy gives birth to litter of 13 black-coated puppies

It was no easy delivery for one strong mom dog who gave birth to a litter of 13 puppies, but not one of them took after her and her golden coat.

The puppies, born to 3-year-old Golden Labrador mom Lucy in England, all have the perfect black coats of their dad.

Not only was owner Catherine Smith shocked at the number of pups Lucy had but the fact they all looked the same was also a surprise.

“This is the first time we have bred a dog and thought she might have five or six,” she said, adding Lucy was in labor for under five hours.

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“She had the first four in 20 minutes and then they just kept coming,” she said, according to News Today.

“I think she wondered where they’d all come from,” she added, as per LadBible.

According to The Labrador site the average Labrador has a litter of between 6 to 8 puppies and the rarest color is chocolate.

The English record for the most Labrador puppies was recorded in May this year when 6-year-old Bella gave birth to 14 black and yellow puppies, as reported by Times Now News.

Catherine, from Somerset, said Lucy was mated with her friend’s eight-year-old black lab Bastion but didn’t expect to have so many black-coated puppies and was getting through 33 pounds of food.

However, the 8 males and 5 females have since been sold to new owners.

What an incredible dog mom, well done Lucy, what a beautiful litter of pups you delivered.

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