This might be the funniest dog video on the Internet and it's from 2011

This might be the funniest dog video on the internet — it’s from 2011

Are you one of those people who takes hundreds of pictures and videos of your dog? And do you think they are just the best thing ever?

Before websites like YouTube and Instagram, those precious and sometimes hilarious clips of our beloved pets were only viewable by those we knew. Now, all we have to do is upload a video of our dog doing something adorable and the entire Internet benefits.

Since it first launched in 2005, YouTube has become home to thousands of dog videos. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole. But with nearly 197,000,000 views, this video might just be the funniest dog video ever.

In the video, which was first uploaded in 2011, a dog owner and a German Shepherd have a “conversation” about some food in the refrigerator.

The owner teases the dog about some finding some maple bacon and some “juicy” steak, and the dog acts accordingly. What makes this video so funny and something you can watch over and over again is that the person in the video gives the dog a voice–or does he?

Watch the video yourself and let us know, is this the funniest dog video?

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