Frida the rescue dog retires after a life of saving lives in the aftermath of natural disasters

Frida the rescue dog has officially been released from duty.

The Labrador Retriever that gained worldwide popularity after rescuing 12 people from a deadly earthquake in Mexico in 2017, retired during a ceremony for “International Rescuer Day,” according to a press release.


While Frida the rescue dog might be most remembered for her work in helping to find 41 bodies and pull 12 people from the rubble of a deadly earthquake, Frida has spent all of her life serving in the Navy of Mexico.

Throughout her career she visited other nearby countries to help with search and rescue missions.

When an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Frida and her unit were deployed to help. She also assisted when an explosion caused by a gas leak occurred at Pemex Tower in 2013 and in 2016 when an earthquake struck Guaranda, Ecuador.

Over the years Frida has been recognized by many for her hard work and heroic acts. In 2018 she received a statue in her honor and perhaps just as exciting, she became a viral star following her 2017 rescue efforts.

Frida the rescue dog, an animal that has become synonymous with “struggle, effort, unity but above all hope,” is finally able to hang up her protective goggles and take it easy for the rest of her life.

Thank you for your service, Frida!

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What an accomplishment!