Firefighters save dog who was trapped in air vent

Firefighters save dog who was trapped in air vent

Sometimes animals get themselves stuck in some pretty tricky situations, and need a little help from some kind humans to get free.

Often times, it’s firefighters who are tasked with helping these animals. While getting our pets out of jams might not seem like a typical job for these emergency responders, they’re always happy to help an animal in need.

Like one fire department that recently came to the rescue of a dog who was trapped in an air duct.

A crew from Station 1 of the New Albany Fire Department, in Indiana, responded to a call on Tuesday about a dog who was helplessly stuck in a home’s air duct system. The owners were unable to get her out.

It would take a lot of effort to get the dog unstuck, but the crew quickly got to work on their rescue plan.

“Firefighters had to enter into the crawl space of the home to dismantle the piping and remove the stuck pup,” the New Albany Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

Photos posted by the department show a firefighter making his way through the tight crawl space, all to help save the dog.

Thankfully, the rescue mission was a big success. “We are happy to report that the puppy and her owner were reunited in no time,” the department wrote.

It’s a reminder of the smaller but still crucial rescue missions local fire departments go through every day. It’s a common old saying that firefighters “save cats from trees,” and there’s definitely a truth to it.

The New Albany Fire Department says that this wasn’t even the only animal rescue they had that day — they had helped a wheelchair-bound citizen save their cat from the roof.


“Sometimes it isn’t a fire, or an auto accident, or even a medical call that we respond to,” the department wrote. “Sometimes it’s someone’s fur baby that needs the assistance of a our firefighters.”

“All in a days work for the men and women of the NAFD.”

Thank you to this fire department for saving this dog from the air vent! So glad she’s safe!

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