Dog is rescued after being found stuck in the bottom of deep hole

Sometimes animals get themselves stuck in some tricky situations, and need the help of some kind humans to get out.

That was the case recently when one poor dog got trapped in a hole, but thankfully was discovered and rescued just in time.

According to Cobb County Animal Services, in Georgia, a man named Ty McIntyre was checking a property when he came across an unexpected sight: a dog, trapped at the bottom of a deep hole.

It isn’t known how long the dog was stuck down there, but he was definitely scared. The hole was so deep that there was no way he could’ve climbed out on his own, so it’s a miracle someone found him when they did.

McIntyre contacted the Cobb County Fire Department and Cobby County Animal Services, who arrived to help free the dog.

The team was able to climb down the hole with a ladder and lift the dog to freedom. He was no doubt happy to be back above ground after the frightening ordeal.

The dog’s name wasn’t reported, nor were any details about who his owners are. But after being rescued, the dog was reunited with his family safe and sound.

“The doggie was rescued unharmed and reunited with his owner shortly after,” the Cobb County Facebook page announced.

We’re so glad this dog is out of the hole and home safe! Thank you to this rescue crew for saving him!

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