Dog trapped in 30-foot sinkhole gets lured out with beef jerky

Dog trapped in 30-foot sinkhole gets lured out with beef jerky

It’s no surprise that dogs love to eat. Food can be a great motivator to make dogs do things. But in one story, it was the promise of food that helped save a dog’s life.

Earlier this week, Burke County Search and Rescue, in North Carolina, got a call about a dog trapped 30 feet underground after falling in a sinkhole in the Pisgah National Forest.

The dog had been found by a group of mountain bikers along the trail.

The search and rescue team arrived on the scene, and one of them repelled down the narrow hole to save the dog.

He found the dog at the bottom, unharmed but scared and hungry. The rescuer had to do something to gain the dog’s trust so he could get him to safety.

So he lured him to the harness using beef jerky.

The plan worked: the dog approached the man, who lifted the dog to safety.

Finally above ground, the dog was given some much-needed food and water. “After a wellness check he was surprisingly unharmed but very hungry and thirsty!” Burke County Search and Rescue wrote on Facebook.

“We estimate he had been down there for at least several days.”

The dog was nicknamed “Sinker,” and was taken to Burke County Animal Services, who hoped to reunite the dog with his family.

We’re glad the dog is safe, thanks to this team of heroic rescuers… and some good ol’ beef jerky.

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