When a runaway puppy got stuck in a tunnel, a police officer went in barefoot to rescue her

Dogs sometimes get themselves into trouble, and it takes some caring people to step up and save them. That was the case for one frightened puppy who’s life was saved by a police officer not afraid to get his feet wet.

On April 30 2016, a five-month-old puppy named Sese had gotten free from her family and was frightened by a car in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

She fled into a tunnel that a brook flows through and ended up about 25 feet in. Frightened, she clung to the side of the tunnel and was unable to get out.

The locals’ efforts to save the dog only made things worse: “We tried to help but were afraid of scaring her further in,” wrote Peggy Edwards.


So instead, they called the police and fire departments. Officer Joe Brazil arrived at the scene, ready to help.

He took off his socks and shoes and went barefoot into the watery tunnel. Soon, he emerged with a wet, scared dog in his arms.

Pulling a dog from a tunnel isn’t what you expect to be doing as a police officer, and it’s not the typical story that makes headlines. But Peggy still felt it was an act of heroism worth praising, and shared the story on Facebook where it has been shared nearly 5,000 times.

“It may not seem like much to most people but it meant a lot to us and to that scared little dog, it made a world of difference as certain death was at the end of that tunnel,” she wrote. “Thank you Officer Brazil.”

I wanted to share this picture with everyone I can… On Sat. April 30th, a little dog was running free and was…

Posted by Peggy Edwards on Sunday, May 1, 2016

And luckily, the dog is doing great. Sese was returned to her family and reportedly has a “new lease on life.”

Thank you, officer, for helping to save this poor dog’s life! Let’s give him the recognition he deserves, share this heartwarming story!