Firefighter comes to the rescue of mangey abandoned dog — then decides to adopt her himself

Firefighter comes to the rescue of mangey abandoned dog — then decides to adopt her himself

It’s always inspiring when police officers and firefighters help to save animals in need. But sometimes they go above and beyond by finding them a place to live.

That was the case for one firefighter, who rescued a dog twice—once by saving her life, and the other by giving her a forever home.

In October 2016, firefighters from the Sacramento Fire Department responded to a call about a 4-5 week old dog who was found abandoned and tied to a fence.

The dog was suffering from severe mange.

“She had pretty sad puppy eyes and drooped-down ears. She had mange, so her skin wasn’t in great condition,” fireman Mike Thawley told KCRA.

An instant bond formed between the dog and the firemen. “We kinda called her the cute, ugly, little elephant, because she kind of looked like that — a baby elephant,” Thawley said.

The firefighters took the dog, who became known as Chunk, to Front Street Animal Shelter, where she received medical treatment.

But as days passed and no one claimed the dog, they needed someone to take care of her… and Thawley and his family stepped up to foster.

The whole family quickly fell in love with Chunk, and the dog enjoyed finally having a warm, loving home.

“She liked being warm, and in a sweater, kind of cuddled up with them,” Thawley said. “And they loved her. My daughter said she wants to take her to college, and I said, ‘That’s probably not going to happen.'”

Chunk was set to be put up for adoption once she was recovered—but when the time came, it was clear she had already found the perfect home.

Three months after coming to her rescue, Thawley adopted Chunk for good.

“She’s a beautiful dog. She’s doing well,” he told KCRA. “Chunk just kinda fell into our arms, so it’s a good happy ending.”

Everything happens for a reason, and it’s clear this dog was discovered by just the right person.

Thank you to this firefighter for giving Chunk a great home!

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