Firefighter braves freezing waters to save dog who fell through ice — thank you

You can always count on your local firefighters to save the day, especially when it comes to saving animals.

Recently, one firefighter braved some frigid waters to save a dog who had fallen through the ice — a heroic rescue captured on video.

A dog named Bob fell through the ice in West Point, Utah, and the ice shelf made it impossible to get back on solid ground.

Firefighters from the North Davis Fire District arrived on the scene to save Bob. Firefighter Logan Hadley took on the job of going into the water to get the dog. Attached by tether, Logan headed into the ice-cold waters, aiming to get behind Bob to push him back onto the ice.


But Bob was scared and panicking, and barked at his rescuer. The owners tried to reassure the dog. “Bob, be good,” a woman is heard saying. “Bob, it’s okay! “He’s going to save you!”

Bob wasn’t listening: when Logan got in the water, the dog started to tussle with the firefighter and was reportedly trying to bite his face. Undeterred, Logan stuck to the plan and got behind Bob, pushing him out of the water.


Thankfully, Bob made it on to the solid ice and quickly ran to reunite with his family.

Watch the video below:

It was reportedly the first such rescue the North Davis Fire District has made.

“We train for stuff like that. But this is the first time we’ve actually had ice rescue, to my knowledge,” Logan Hadley told WPVI. “We do have other animal rescues, like we’ve gotten ducks out of grates or cats off roofs, or something like that. But this is our first time we’ve gotten the dog out of the water.”

The fire department urged people to be careful around icy waters, which can pose a danger to both humans and their pets.

“Please be safe with your pets and children as ice conditions are still not as safe as we’d like them to be,” the department wrote on Facebook.


Thank you to these firefighters for saving this poor dog! Bob might not have seemed very grateful to his rescuer, but we’re sure he appreciated the help out of that icy cold water.

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