FDNY firefighters rescue kitten trapped in wheel well of car — thank you

It’s stereotypically said that firefighters save kittens from trees, but one group of FDNY firefighters had to go low to the ground to save one trapped kitten — and employed a surprising household product to get her free.

On Monday, firefighters from the FDNY’s Ladder 158, in Queens, got an urgent request from a civilian who had a cat stuck in her engine, according to an Instagram post.

Lt. Robert Schlaffer said the call for help came while they were observing a moment of silence on the anniversary of 9/11 at the firehouse, but they quickly stepped into action to help.


Thankfully, one member of the crew, firefighter Anthony Caliendo, happened to also be a mechanic, making him perfectly suited to help. Investigating underneath the vehicle, he located the kitten trapped in the wheel well.

He was able to remove the wheel with tools, but soon ran into another problem: “There was some kind of bar pinning it down and keeping it from getting out,” Caliendo said.

So, they improvised with the help of a common household item: they lathered the kitten with Dawn dish soap, making it slippery enough for Caliendo to pull out.

The kitten was safe and sound… and an inspiring twist, even found a new home: the FDNY said she was adopted by a member of Engine 311, which shares the fire house with the responding crew.

The story has received nearly 15,000 likes on Instagram, and many people praised the firefighters for saving the day and getting this poor kitten free.


Firefighters can always be counted on to save those in need, whether they be human or animal. Thank you to this crew from Ladder 158 for this unforgettable kitten rescue!

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