Firefighters save tiny kitten trapped inside a Walmart vending machine

Animals have a knack for getting themselves stuck in some pretty unbelievable places. But whenever there’s a trapped animal in need of saving, firefighters will be there to save the day.

That was the case recently after one fire crew got a sweet little kitten from a vending machine.

The Morristown Fire Department, in Tennessee, responded to a call from a local Walmart after a tiny cat got trapped inside a Pepsi vending machine. (Sundry Photography / Farts Pfotografy0

Arriving at the store, the firefighters got to work freeing the scared kitten from the machine, which proved to be a challenge.

“Crews could hear the kitten crying,” a post from the City of Morristown government reads. “They unplugged the machine and removed the cover on the back, but couldnโ€™t see the kitten.”

Thankfully, they soon found another opening in the soda machine, and were able to coax the cat to safety.

Not only did the kitten make it out alive and well, but it even found a new home.

Lindsey, the Walmart employee who contacted the firefighters, decided to adopt the stray kitten herself โ€” perhaps the cutest thing anyone’s ever gotten from a vending machine.

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Facebook / City of Morristown – Government

The City of Morristown thanked the fire crew for “going above and beyond” to “save this sweet little kitten.”

The story went viral online, with many thanking the firefighters and Lindsey for helping the cat โ€” and also pitching some fittingly soda-themed names for it.

The fire crew proposed naming it “Pepsi,” while one popular comment suggest the more punny “Mountain Mew.”

Whatever Lindsey decides to name her new pet, she’ll always have one incredible story to tell about how it came into her life.

Thank you to the fire crew for saving this sweet little cat, and thank you to Lindsey for adopting it!

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