Firefighters rescue scared kitten trapped in underground pipe — thank you

Sometimes animals get themselves stuck in some pretty difficult places, and they need help from some kind humans to get free. Thankfully, firefighters are always there to lend a hand.

That was the case recently, as firefighters saved a cat trapped in a large electrical pipe.

Firefighters are often stereotypically said to save kittens from trees, but a crew from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department headed in the opposite direction on Monday after getting a call about a kitten trapped underground.

No photo description available.
Facebook/San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

The eight-week-old kitten was trapped in a 4″ electrical pipe. According to Gray News, a construction worker heard meowing near the scene and contacted the San Diego Humane Society, who in turn contacted the fire department along with the electric and gas company.

While no one could find the kitten at first, the responders eventually spotted the trapped kitten in the pipe and began a rescue operation.

No photo description available.
Facebook/San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

They reportedly ran a hose on the other end of the pipe and used water to slide the kitten out of the tight spot.

According to a Facebook post from the department, the kitten was “safely rescued” and taken in to be “pampered” by the San Diego Humane Society.

May be an image of cat
Facebook/San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

The kitten was named “Cactus,” because he was found on Cactus Street. According to the San Diego Humane Society, Cactus is doing well and will soon be put up for adoption.

We’re sure this poor kitten was scared while trapped in that underground pipe, and we’re so relieved Cactus is safe and sound now! Thank you to these firefighters and everyone who helped save him!

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