Family’s dog saved from flames – 2 months later she leads them to a black hole in burnt down house

Anyone who’s been hit by a house fire or who knows someone who’s experienced it knows how devastating the consequences can be.

It’s terrifying how quickly flames can engulf a house – something that the Marr family from Michigan experienced first hand.


When their house caught fire in March 2017 the family was devastated. It wasn’t just sentimental belongings that they lost in the fire – their dog, Chloe, also came close to losing her life.

Luckily she was saved by a fireman, who made an improvised gas mask for her and helped her to escape.

Went back to the ruins of the house

The story could have ended there – but Chole was determined to return the favor.

It all started when the mom of the family, Christine Marr, took Chloe back to the ruins of the house for the first time since the fire.

But when the family was going through the remains of their home, the unthinkable happened.

© Christine Marr

Dog Chloe suddenly began desperately trying to get the family’s attention. She led them to a dark hole under the floor, which she sniffed around.

Christine explains that she heard meowing coming from under the floor boards. When she shone her flashlight down into a black hole in the floor, she saw a cat hiding down there.

At first Christine thought it was a stray cat that had snuck into the house beneath the floor.

© Christine Marr

But she soon realized that it was the family’s missing cat that was hiding there in the small, dark space.

Disappeared in the fire

Ringer the cat had been missing without a trace for two months since the fire. Everybody thought the cat had perished in the flames.

Christine was overjoyed to have found Ringer. It’s unbelievable that Ringer survived alone in the house for so long!

© Christine Marr

“This cat’s a miracle. This cat has been in this area for two months with no food or water. And Chloe just found him down in this hole,” Christine tells South Florida.

Although the cat was malnourished when he was found, he’s slowly been able to regain his health since being back with his family.

© Christine Marr

And of course, Chole kept a watchful eye over her feline friend Ringer while he was recovering.

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