Family’s dog helps save children from burning house

Nobody suprises me as much as dogs do. Whether it comes to all the impressive new things they’re able to learn or just how unconditionally loving they can be.

They can also be the difference between life and death.

When this family’s house went up in flames and filled with smoke, the firemen knew that they needed to act fast in order to save the two children trapped inside.

Then German Shepherd Maxx stepped in.

Dogs have proved time and again that they are man’s best friend. Sometimes, they are even the difference between life and death.

One night, the Fraser family’s lives would take an unexpected turn. Suddenly, their neighbor heard an explosion and looked out of their window to check out what had happened โ€“ and saw that the back of the Fraser’s house was in flames.

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Their neighbors, Chip and his son Andrew, ran to their phone and called the fire department. When the firemen arrived, parents Brett and Margo had managed to escape the burning house.

But their two children, only 2 and 4 years old, were still trapped inside.

The firemen knew they needed to act fast, but the thick smoke was going to make it difficult to find the two children.

Suddenly, the family’s German Shepherd Maxx became their hero.

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The dog sprang into action and ran into the burning house, followed immediately by the firemen. He led them to the children’s room and the firemen were able to get them out. The whole Fraser family were then taken to the hospital, together with Maxx. Today they are all doing well, in spite of the circumstances.

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Maxx is truly a hero. Without hesitation he ran into the burning house to save his family, putting his life on the line. Nothing will ever come between him and his family, not even raging flames.

You can see a news report about the rescue below.

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