Family gives pregnant dog a safe home – so she’ll be able to have her puppies

Chris and Mariesa live for their dogs. In fact, their whole house is full of dogs. Every one of their dogs was rescued from a different animal shelter and was given a new life as part of their loving family.

Even though their house is already full, the couple always manages to find the space in their home and their hearts to rescue one more. However, this time, they didn’t expect that the dog they saved would mean a large increase in the size of their family.

The Pitbull named Storie was pregnant.

When Chris and Mariesa saw Storie, they immediately fell in love with her. She was pregnant and due to give birth at any time, and it worried her rescuers that her only home with her new pups would be the animal shelter. Neither moms nor puppies enjoy being there and it can be incredibly stressful when puppies are newborns.

When Storie’s vets looked at her ultrasound, they discovered she was expecting 12 puppies. Chris and Mariesa understood that taking care of so many puppies meant a lot of work — but at the same time, they couldn’t bear to walk away and leave them in the shelter. So they decided to bring Storie home and provide a foster home for her and her puppies.


The couple gave Storie a calm and safe place to rest and expected the puppies to come sometime during the next week. But they came much sooner.

Just hours after Storie arrived at her new home, she gave birth to her puppies — all 12!


It was as if she had been waiting for a place to have her puppies — and when she was finally safe in her new home, she was able to relax. The puppies came into the world shortly after.

Two weeks later, the puppies opened their eyes — and look at how incredibly cute they are!


All 12 puppies have new loving homes, and mom Storie found her forever home with Chris’s best friend, Ryan. So now Chris and Mariesa can visit her whenever they want.

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