Family adopts fluffy little puppy – but they can’t believe their eyes when he grows up into this

When Tydus the dog joined his family, he was a tiny, fluffy little puppy. But Tydus isn’t just any ordinary dog.

When he grew up, he turned into a giant teddy bear!

Every dog owner knows how it feels to look at photos of their dog when they were a puppy. It’s easy to wonder “Was he ever sooo small?”

But there are few dogs who transformed as much between the puppy and dog days as Tydus.

Here’s what he looked like as a puppy:

What a little fluff ball! However, Tydus is an Alaskan Malamute, and they aren’t known for being small fluff balls for long.

As Tydus got older, he grew. And grew. And grew.

Today he weighs 120 lbs and is huge!

He may look intimidating, but Tydus is truly a gentle giant.

Except sometimes he forgets how big he is…

If you want to see more of Tydus, just watch the video below. What a cute doggy he is!

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