Family abandons ‘gross’ dog over how she looks after losing a leg in a car accident

All dogs are worthy of love and care, no matter what they look like. Some have disabilities or injuries that might make them look different, and they hope someone will look past their surface and love them for who they are.

But one poor dog had an especially sad story: after an injury left her without a leg, his family abandoned her because of how she looked.


According to dog rescue group Sidewalk Specials, a dog named Squirrel was seriously injured after being hit by a car and was taken to the vet.

The dog survived, however, her leg was so badly injured that it couldn’t be saved.


But Peanut was resilient: she quickly learned how to adapt to three legs, and learned how to walk again. She could run around playing with other dogs in no time.

She was all ready to go home… but when her family came to pick her up, they said she “grossed them out” and were afraid the three-legged dog would scare the children.


The family left her there, abandoning her over how she looked. The devastated dog was left alone after all she had been through.

But Sidewalk Specials put her up for adoption. While this family couldn’t see past Peanut’s appearance, maybe someone else could appreciate the great dog she was.

“Squirrel is tiny, just under a year old, she’s good with dogs, cats and kids and is recovering beautifully!” they wrote.

Miraculously, the dog got 128 adoption offers… and has now found the perfect forever home.

Peanut is called “Squash” by her new family, who loves her as she is. They take her to the park where she has no trouble running around and playing.

The family even has a young boy who Squash has quickly bonded with. While her old family thought that she would scare children, these two have become best friends.


It’s heartbreaking that anyone would abandon their dog like this, but we’re so glad that everything worked out for Squash and she now has a great forever home! Share this uplifting story!