Emma the horse defeats all odds and delivers a miracle

It shouldn’t have been possible.

The odds were 1 in 10 000, the experts believed it was impossible, and the outcome would very likely be deadly.

Judging by this owner’s surprise, her horse Emma delivered a true miracle one hot summer day – which is now making the whole internet overflow with warmth and love.

It was earlier this summer when pregnant horse Emma laid down to give birth in Wilton, California.

What her owner didn’t count on, however, was that she would defy all odds and deliver a miracle.


You see, horses don’t usually deliver twins – it’s something that happens very rarely. And it’s even more unusual for both of the foals to survive.

This is because one embryo tends to become dominant during the pregnancy, which means that either a vet needs to abort the second one, or the second embryo is left to die.


Experts says that the chances of both foals surviving is ony 1 in 10 000!

But this wasn’t just any normal day. And it wasn’t your average horse birth.


Someone obviously forget to tell Emma how unbelievably rare twin horses are.

When she lay down it didn’t take long for two healthy young foals to be delivered –  with no complications!


The twins have been named Will and Grace.

The fact that they’re healthy and set to live long and healthy lives is truly a miracle.


And you can just imagine how overwhelmed Emma’s owner must have been.

She had no idea that Emma was pregnant with twins!


In the wonderful clip below you can meet Emma and her two foals Will and Grace:

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