Driver runs down dog – leaves her alone in the snow for 12 hours to die

In my world, if you see a traffic accident happen, you stop to help.

If I somehow managed to hit an animal, it would be a simple reflex to call for help.

That’s why I become extra mad when I read about hit-and-run drivers like this one.

This motorist ran down a puppy– and left her alone in the snow.

When accidents happen, it’s important to stop the car immediately and call for help. For most of us this is obvious, whether we’re talking about a human or an animal.

So when I read about hit-and-run drivers, who just drive away after an accident, I get really upset.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

This little pup was run over on a country road in Alberta, Kanada.

But the driver chose not to stop, and hit the gas instead.

Left to die

Miraculously, the dog survived the accident and was able to crawl away from the road. But since the driver had hurried away from the scene, the puppy faced certain death.

It was snowy and freezing outside.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

Disappeared in the snow

For a whole 12 hours the dog lay alone in the snow. She was slowly freezing.

If it hadn’t been for some children walking by and seeing her there in the snow, she most certainly would have died.

“Her body heat had actually created a hole in the snow. She was deep down in the snow. So she was hard to see when they were coming back to look for her,” explains Amber Perry, who works for animal charity AARCS, to The Dodo.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

Found a new home

The dog had a broken hip and leg. She was seriously injured, but alive. After weeks of treatment and care at the animal shelter, she began slowly but surely to recover.

Unfortunately, her owner has not been found, but she has been given a name – Nutmeg! And now she even has a family waiting to adopt her.

“She’s still wagging her tail. She’s really happy. Once she’s all healed up, she’ll be ready for adoption,” Amber says.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

Real animal lovers never leave an injured animal alone, let alone without ringing for help. Share this story if you think everyone should stop to help an animal in need!

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