Dog with severely swollen face completely transforms thanks to rescue team

It’s always inspiring to see people helping dogs in need, especially when they have serious medical problems.

When one team of vets found a dog with a severely swollen face, they came to the rescue — and his unbelievable transformation now has over 13 million views on YouTube.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India, a street animal rescue center, got a call on their helpline about a street dog whose face was severely swollen due to a massive abscess. The growth distorted the dog’s face so much he resembled a pig.


The rescue team could tell the street dog was in great discomfort, and that the abscess would threaten his life if left unchecked.

While the dog was friendly, he wouldn’t let them get too close, so they had to trap him in a net.

After they had the dog in their care, vets gave the street dog an examination and got to work removing the abscess.


It isn’t a sight for the faint of heart: the massive abscess had to be drained of blood before the dog could get better.

But soon the rescuers inserted a drainage tube and sutured up the dog’s wound, and already he was looking like a whole new dog.


Two weeks later, he was fully healed, and looking happy and beautiful. Video shows the dog getting lots of attention from the rescuers who saved his life.


Anima Aid Unlimited’s video of the inspiring, life-saving rescue has gone viral, racking up nearly 13.5 million views on YouTube.

What a transformation. He looks like a whole new dog! Thanks to everyone who saved him!

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