Dog who waited 1,250 days for a forever home finally gets adopted

There are many dogs in shelters just waiting for their forever home, but sadly it takes some longer than others. There are dogs who spend years waiting and waiting, wondering if they’ll ever get adopted.

So it’s a moment worth celebrating when one of these dogs finally gets a home after such a long wait, like one dog who finally has a family after being in a shelter for over three years.

Meet Bowie, a dog who spent 1,250 days waiting for his forever home.

Adoptable Bowie 🐾

Posted by Gateway Pet Guardians on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Bowie is a 6-year-old pitbull who was born in the care of Gateway Pet Guardians. Sadly, life hasn’t been easy for this dog: after being adopted as a puppy, he was returned to the shelter.

He later spent two-and-a-half years in a foster home, but for some reason could never find a forever home.

“He’s a great dog who is very well trained and just needs someone to give him a chance,” said Brittany Fleming, placement manager at Gateway Pet Guardians.

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Posted by Gateway Pet Guardians on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

His caretakers say he was just passed over again and again, through no fault of his own. Maybe it’s because he’s a pitbull, a breed with an unfair reputation for being vicious and are often passed over by adopters. Another reason is he needed to be the only dog, and isn’t good with kids, limiting the households who could take him in.

But they didn’t give up on him, and kept pushing to find him a home. As they shared his story with the world, Bowie gained a big fanbase.

β€œWhoever adopts Bowie is going to inherit a bunch of new friends because he has quite the fan club rooting for him,” Brittany Fleming said.

And recently, after news reports about Bowie’s long wait for home were shared with the world, the dog’s luck finally changed.

The shelter suddenly received over 40 adoption requests, according to WKYC. One of them came from a woman named Briana, who has no other dogs or children, and was decided to be the perfect new owner.

Another plus is that her roommate is a dog trainer. β€œWe thought it was a perfect fit for a sensitive guy like Bowie that sometimes just needs a little extra time to warm up to strangers,” the rescue told WKYC.

It took over 1,200 days, but Bowie finally found his forever home. Even better, his “fans” also chipped in to cover the adoption fee, as well as pay for four in-home private training sessions and a professional photoshoot.

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Posted by Gateway Pet Guardians on Monday, March 30, 2020

Congratulations, Bowie! It was a long wait, but we’re so glad you’ve finally found your forever home!

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