Dog named Lucky has been waiting over 1,000 days in the shelter, and just wants a forever home

Dog named Lucky has been waiting over 1,000 days in the shelter, and just wants a forever home

There are so many dogs waiting in shelters for their forever home, but the sad reality is that many have to wait longer than others for no fault of their own.

That’s the case for a dog named Lucky. Despite his name, he hasn’t had much luck: all he wants to do is get adopted, but he’s been passed over every day for three years.

Or as his heartbreaking sign reveals, over 1,068 days:

🚨THREE YEARS = 36 months = 1,068 days🚨Lucky arrived at our shelter on July 27th, 2017 🥺 Meet loveable Lucky who has…

Posted by Dogs of Del Norte County on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lucky is a long-term resident at Del Norte Animal Control in Crescent City, California. They’ve been caring for Lucky since he arrived in 2017, and are hoping to finally get him the home he deserves.

“An older individual was providing care for Lucky and unfortunately Lucky became a bit too strong for him to handle so he ended up calling our facility,” Brittany Pratt, an agricultural animal care technician at Del Norte Animal Control, told The Dodo.

The bully mix is blind in one eye from an injury he got as a puppy, but it hasn’t hurt his joy for life or made him any less adorable: it sort of looks like he’s always happily winking at you.

And while his fur might look a little gray, Lucky is estimated to be just 4-5 years old.

Maybe it’s the way he looks that has kept Lucky waiting in the shelter for so long, but he really could be the perfect dog for the right family.

The shelter says that Lucky knows how to sit and is good with a leash, is neutered and is up to date on all his vaccines.

The shelter says the ideal home for Lucky is one with no other pets or small children, so Lucky will have space to adjust to his new surroundings. Because he’s been in the shelter so long, he needs slow, steady introductions.

But for the right family, Lucky can be a loving, playful dog.

Lucky is Sheltering-in-Place in his comfy igloo. <3

Posted by Dogs of Del Norte County on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

After seeing this good dog passed over for so long, Del Norte Animal Control is making a big push to get Lucky adopted.

“Over the last six months, we’ve seen him starting to shut down,” Pratt told The Dodo. “He’s not as happy-go-lucky in the morning when we come and see him, and he’s starting to slow down a bit.”

“He’s seen countless dogs come and go from our facility and leave with their new family, and we think he just wonders when it’s gonna be his turn.”

We really hope Lucky finally finds his forever home after all these years!

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