Dog who spent 1,200 days in the shelter just wants his forever home

Dog who spent 1,200 days in the shelter just wants his forever home

There are so many dogs in shelters just waiting for their forever homes. Sadly, some end up having to wait longer than others.

Some spend years waiting, just wondering when someone will take a chance on them and give them the home they deserve. That’s the case for good dog, who has spent three years waiting for a family.

Meet Andy, a 3-year-old pointer mix looking for a home:

According to a Facebook post by Mission Driven, Andy is in the care of Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Mission, Kansas.

He has been in the shelter for three years, after being adopted and returned twice. He’s looking for a “perfect home” that will be forever this time.

Despite his bad luck with finding a home, there’s a lot to love about Andy. His post says he’s a smart dog who has been receiving training and is always learning new tricks.

He’s also a very energetic dog who likes to play, and especially loves playing ball—but because he’s in the shelter he doesn’t have much room to play.

Andy does need a particular kind of home: he can’t be in a home with kids, and other dogs will require a slow introduction. However, he is okay with cats. He’s also house trained and good in a crate.

If you’re interested in finally giving this long-waiting dog a forever home, you can reach out to Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption to schedule a meeting!

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