Dog trapped in car at 86 degrees for 2 hours – "Suffered a painful death" according to police

Dog trapped in car at 86 degrees for 2 hours – “Suffered a painful death” according to police

Temperatures are unusually high a little everywhere this summer, making it especially important to be extra cautious about never leaving animals in the car this summer.

The following incident is a warning.

We must always learn from history — let’s not let this happen again.

Suffered 2 hours in hot car

A dog locked in a car for two hours in Sonneberg, Germany, last Friday suffered a painful death as outdoor temperatures crept to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dog, an English Bulldog, was left alone in the parking lot of a shopping mall.

It was obvious that the animal had suffered. The witnesses who found the dog and the officers who arrived on site described the scene as terrible. Next to the poor dog they found vomit and urine, according to Focus.

Owner on vacation

The dog’s owner was on vacation during the incident and had handed responsibility of his dog over to his sister.

Unfortunately, help came too late, and it was impossible to save the dog. Subsequently, a complaint was made indicating a violation to the Animal Protection Act.

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Hopefully this will alert more people and remind them to never leave their dogs in the car at hot temperatures.