Dog sitter takes care of German Shepherd for months: Now watch her reaction when owner suddenly shows up

Everyone who has had a dog knows how hard it is to be apart from them. They aren’t just pets, they’re much loved family members.

But sometimes you have to leave them for a while. It may be due to a temporary job in another place, illness or a changed family relationship.

And even if you know that the dog is doing well with its dog-sitter, it can still be really tough to be away from him or her.

Freya had been away from her owner for several months. When they were finally reunited, her owner was determined to surprise her properly.

He snuck up to the house where Freya was staying and hid outside the window. Then he waited while the dog-sitter opened the door. Imagine Freya’s surprise when her beloved owner was suddenly standing there in front of her!

Freya barked out of surprise first, then she threw herself in his arms.

Below you can watch the wonderful reunion – which has since been seen by over 1.3 million people!

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