Dog is severely burned – after owner plays hairdresser with human hair dye

Dog Violet is on the road to recovery after suffering severe burns.

Her owner tried to change her fur color using human hair dye – and she was burned by the chemicals contained in the dye, reports Pinellas County Animal Services.

The photos of Violet are now being spread across the internet as a warning to other dog owners.

It was here that the poor little maltese mix came in with severe burns. The animal hospital uploaded photos of the dog to the internet, and they’re now spreading like wildfire. Poor Violet had swollen eyes and serious burns on her skin, reports ABC channel WPBF.

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How did this happen? Only Violet’s previous owner can answer that… But whatever happened, Violet ended up at this animal shelter.

Posted by Pinellas County Animal Services on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

“Violet’s eyes were swollen shut, she was limp and listless, she had obvious burns to her skin – we gave fluids, pain meds and we gently washed as much of the chemical dye off as we could, we bandaged her up,” the organization writes on its Facebook page.

But the next day, something happened:

“Then we waited – Violet went home with our veterinarian and we waited. And she came in the next morning and we were amazed that she had made it through the night. But still we waited. She wasn’t out of the woods but she was alert and freely offering kisses.”

Violet’s rehabilitation seems to be progressing well. She is now showing positive signs, according to the veterinarians.

At the same time, the TV channel writes that it is unclear whether little Violet’s previous owner will be punished for doing this.

Posted by Pinellas County Animal Services on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Eventually, Violet became quite the presence in the animal shelter.

“She began to walk the halls, visiting each office requesting treats or hugs or gentle pats, always in the lead with our veterinarian in tow. It was clear – Violet was on the mend and she wanted everyone to know it.”

Now the vets that treated Violet want to spread an important message to all animal owners: “Only use products specifically meant for pets or you could be putting your pet’s life on the line.”

Below you can see a picture of Violet proudly posing with her loving new owner!

Posted by Pinellas County Animal Services on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Please help us share this message to make everyone aware that you should NEVER treat an animal like this! 

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