Dog appears to ‘grieve’ by dead owner’s grave: But what she’s hiding in the hole shocks everyone

When this dog settled at her deceased owner’s grave, everyone nearby assumed she was mourning her best friend.

But when a woman decided to investigate the matter more closely, she found something under the grave … Nobody could have imagined this!


Three years ago this photo spread like wildfire over the internet.

A dog was lying beneath a gravestone in a graveyard in Serbia. Everyone assumed that the dog was mourning her owner and refusing to leave her best friend.

It seemed that the dog had made herself at home under the tombstone by digging a hole. She lay in her little hiding place day and night.

After seeing the famous photo, one woman decided to go to the cemetery and investigate the matter further.

Vesna Mihajloski travelled to the grave and once there she found something amazing. The dog wasn’t mourning at all – she was guarding something else completely.

Under the gravestone she had hidden her tiny newborn puppies.


Vesna took the dogs home with her and gave the tired dog momma a well deserved rest.


Without any food or water, the mom had fought hard to give her newborn pups a chance at survival. Luckily, Vesna stepped in to take care of the little family. Now Vesna is focusing on helping the puppies and their mom get healthy again.


For homeless and vulnerable dogs, it is virtually impossible to take care of a litter on their own and make sure everyone survives.

But thanks to animal lover Vesna, everyone in this family got the care they needed. With enough food and water, the puppies and their mom have recovered well.


This cute little dog family were fighting fit in no time and the momma dog was soon strong enough to take care of her pups, with a little help from her rescuer.

Luckily, their lives were changed for the better!


The World Health Organization estimates that there are around 200 million stray dogs worldwide. It’s an incredible number and it can make those of us who want to help feel helpless.

But is is possible for each of us to help. Everyone’s efforts make a difference; Vesna’s actions are an excellent example of that.

If you are considering getting a dog, you can contact your local shelter and try to adopt a stray. 


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