Dog saves her neighbor and best friend from coyote attack

Dog saves her neighbor and best friend from coyote attack

Dogs are such caring, protective animals. They can always be counted on to protect their friends and loved ones when they’re in danger.

Like Bella, a dog who saved her best friend’s life by facing off with a coyote.

Bella, a Dogo Argentino, and Tasa, a border collie, are neighbor dogs and inseparable friends: “They’ve been absolute best friends for a while now,” Tasa’s owner Spencer Williams told Click2Houston.


And on Thanksgiving 2019, these dogs proved just how ride or die their friendship was, after Bella rushed into danger to save Tasa.

Bella’s owner Michael Cobb found his dog barking and scratching at the window at 2:30 in the morning. Thinking Bella wanted to chase a deer, he let her outside.

But Cobb soon realized that Bella wasn’t after deer, but a pack of coyotes — coyotes that had been chasing Tasa. Tasa ran into their yard, limping and bleeding, after breaking through her invisible fence collar in the chase.


Bella and her owner scared away the coyotes and Tasa was finally safe. It’s easy to imagine how things could’ve gone much worse, but thankfully 116-pound Bella rushed to Tasa’s defense.

“It probably wasn’t looking good for her if it wasn’t for Bella,” Spencer Willams told Click2Houston. “Probably we would have woken up and she wouldn’t have been here.”

Tasa was left with a swollen paw and some tooth holes left by the coyote bites, but she received antibiotics and pain medication to make a full recovery.

It’s always great to know that your best friend and neighbor has your back. We’re so glad Bella saved Tasa’s life — a true friendship ❤️

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