Dog becomes best friends with deer, then she introduces him to her family

It’s always amazing to see friendships form between animals of different species. Many pet owners have seen their pet dogs befriend local wildlife, and the results are precious and beautiful.

That was the case for one dog, who became best friends with a local deer โ€” who liked him so much that she brought over her family to meet him.

A TikTok user @kapandchief shared a video of their dog, Kap, who made an unexpected new friend in the backyard. “My dog has fallen in love with a deer who now visits daily,” they wrote.

“Deer and dogs,” the owner put in the caption. “Who knew?”

The video shows Kap and the deer meeting each other on many occasions, always separated by a fence, and totally smitten with one another.

Kap loves his deer friend so much that when the deer doesn’t pay him a visit, he’ll just sit around waiting for her:

The deer and the dog were best friends, and the deer apparently trusted her new canine companion enough that she decided to let him meet her family!

A video shows the moment the deer shows up to their meet-up accompanied by several other deer, as if introducing them to Kap:

Since then, the two have kept up their regular routine of meeting up at their favorite spot by the fence.

The owner wrote that the two are “loving each other from a distance.”

What a sweet friendship. We hope Kap and his deer friend continue to meet up with each other โ€” we want to see more adorable videos ๐Ÿฅฐ

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