Dog reunited with owner 4 months after he was stolen outside of a grocery store

In December 2019, Emilie Talermo’s five-year-old dog was stolen from outside of a grocery store in San Francisco. She spared no expense and offered a $7,000 reward to find her beloved Jackson, but days turned into weeks which turned into months, and there was still no sign of the miniature Australian Shepherd.

But recently, Talermo received good news. Jackson had been found hundreds of miles away in an animal shelter.

On Tuesday, in the very early morning hours, Talermo and Jackson were reunited.

“I’ve only had him back for a handful of hours now, but I haven’t slept at all because I’m listening to his little noises and I’m just so happy,” she said.

According to reports, Jackson was discovered at an animal shelter in Southern California. Staff scanned his microchip and were able to get in contact with Talermo and begin the reunion.

The reunion ended a months long search by both Talermo and police. While Talermo used the internet, word of mouth, and a plane to fly a banner, police looked into several cases in hopes of finding the person suspected of taking Jackson.

It was only recently that police caught a break when someone in Los Angeles County spotted Jackson.

Nicholas Bravo, the suspect, was arrested for felony grand theft.

The lead investigator from the San Francisco Police Department learned of Jackson’s location and with the help of a family friend, facilitated his return.

“SFPD has been working very closely with me since the beginning,” Talermo said. “They’ve been incredible in working hard on this case.”

The moment the two saw each other after four months apart was a moment to remember.

The reunion came at a perfect time too. Talermo said she is moving home to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a few days and once travel restrictions due to the coronavirus have settled, she plans to move to Portugal.

“I feel like everything is brighter again.”

I love a happy ending! I’m so glad Jackson was found and they were able to be reunited!

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