Senior woman has touching reunion with her cat who was missing for four years

There’s nothing worse than losing a pet. It can feel worse than losing your home and possessions to think you’ll never see your best friend again.

That was the experience for one woman, who lost everything… including her beloved cat. But just when she thought all was lost, a miracle happened when she least expected it.

Four years ago, an earthquake hit central Italy. A senior woman named Dora lost her home, but even more heartbreakingly, her pet cat was nowhere to be found.

She always held out hope the cat was still alive somewhere and kept looking, but as years passed it seemed less and less likely she’d ever see him again.

But this month, a miracle happened: her cat returned!

It’s not clear where the cat has been all this time, but he was in good health. The old woman and her long-lost cat had a touching reunion, and Dora’s friend Mimma Bei posted the photos on Facebook.

The two reunited friends cuddled each other’s faces, showing love and making up for lost time. It was truly a heartwarming moment:

How precious! We’re so happy this cat is back with his loving owner after all these years… we know these two are going to make up for lost time.

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