San Francisco woman spares no expense to find stolen dog, hires plane and offers $7,000 reward

How far would go you if your dog was stolen?

A San Francisco woman is pulling out all the stops to find her beloved miniature Australian Shepherd. She’s offering a $7,000 reward and hiring a plane to fly a banner high above San Francisco and Oakland in hopes that someone comes forward.

“He’s truly my whole life. He’s a true family member,” Emilie Talermo said of her dog, five-year-old Jackson.

On December 14, around 8 a.m. Jackson was stolen from outside a grocery store. Surveillance video shows a man in a dark, hooded jacket approach the area where Jackson waited for Emilie.

Since her dog was stolen Emilie has been doing everything in her power to alert her community.

“I am just one person and I really need help getting the word out there,” she said.

So far she has set up a Tinder profile for Jackson, handed out thousands of fliers, set up a website with information about her dog, scheduled a plane to fly a banner with the name of the website, and started a GoFundMe to raise money to be used towards a reward.

And she’s showing no sign of slowing down.

“He’s always with me. It’s a very real love,” Emilie said. “I just need help finding him.”

So far, the GoFundMe has raised nearly $8,500. Emilie has stated that $7,000 of the money will be used as a reward while any extra will go towards Rocket Dog Rescue, however should the reward money not be needed, all of the money that’s raised will be donated to the rescue.

In addition to alerting her community about Jackson’s disappearance, she hopes that it will bring awareness about not leaving your pet outside, even if just for a minute.

GoFundMe/Bring Jackson Home

Emilie is asking everyone to be vigilant and if you see Jackson contact her at (307) 413-7566. She’s also asked anyone who recently purchased a miniature Australian Shepherd to take them to a vet to be scanned. It’s possible that the dog could be Jackson.

Will you keep an eye out for Jackson?

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