Starving dog found with snout taped shut given second chance at life as sheriff’s deputy

In February, Lee County Domestic Animal Services received a call from citizen about a dog that was roaming the streets of southwest Florida with red electrical tape around its mouth. The dog had been seen panting and drooling and also appeared to suffer from a wound on its left leg and chest.

After receiving treatment the dog was adopted by the very department working to find the person or persons who abused the poor pooch.

“K9s are in my blood, dogs are in my blood,” Deputy Richard Castellon, who adopted Chance, told WINK News. “Even when I saw the story myself, you know, it was horrific.”

Not only does the one-year-old dog live with Castellon, but he also goes to work with him.

(Facebook/Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Shortly after he was adopted he was officially deputized and given his own badge. While Deputy Chance doesn’t chase any outlaws, he does attend community events as the “spokesdog” for Pets on Patrol, a program within the Sheriff Office’s Community Relations Bureau.

(Facebook/Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Now that Chance is in a safe and loving home, Castellon wants to focus on punishing those who abuse animals.

“We can’t sit back and let anyone abuse an animal,” he said.

Currently the penalty for a third offense animal cruelty is a $500 fine in Lee County, according to WINK News.

“It seems like a very light penalty,” said Karen Fordiani, who works at Lee County Domestic Animal Services. “We understand that, but our hands are tied because that’s the way the ordinance is written.”

(Facebook/Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

They plan on implementing a way to keep track of repeat offenders in hopes of stopping animal abuse.

“I am not going to tolerate it,” Sheriff Carmine Marceno said. “It’s not happening in this county.”

I’m so glad that this pup got a second chance at life.

There is absolutely no excuse for treating an innocent animal in an aggressive manner.

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