Dog loses her puppies in fire and becomes depressed, then owner turns to Facebook and asks for help

On February 20, 2018, a terrible accident occurred. Jessica Woodruff’s barn caught fire and killed a pig, four goats and a three week old litter of puppies.

The seven puppies belonged to her dog Daisy.

Daisy was completely crushed and was no longer herself after the fire. She just walked down to the remains of the barn and stood there and cried.

Jessica knew she had to do something.

So she turned to Facebook to ask for help.

She was hoping she might find one or more puppies who were in need of a mom… And sure enough, she did. Lorna Murphy’s dog had recently passed away — after delivering eight puppies.

Take a look at the video below to see what happens next:

What a tragedy — my heart goes out to Daisy who lost all her puppies. But I’m absolutely sure she’ll be a great mom to her new pups. I am so glad they found each other.