Dog left at shelter after owner died of COVID-19 finds a new forever home

Dog left at shelter after owner died of COVID-19 finds a new forever home

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives and reshaped society in countless ways. Of course, the most tragic is the hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide related to the coronavirus.

Sadly, these untimely deaths also have left many pets without homes. That was the case for one poor dog, who was left looking for a new forever home after the death of her owner.

In April, a 5-year-old chihuahua named Chloe was surrendered to MSPCA-Angell’s Boston Adoption Center after her owner died from the coronavirus.

It’s heartbreaking for any pet to suddenly lose their owner: they likely don’t understand what’s happened, and are scared and confused to suddenly find themselves at a shelter.

Chloe was a sweet dog, and they hoped they could find a great new home for her… but first there was a medical serious issue that needed attention.

Chloe still had a metal plate from broken leg operation that should’ve been removed years ago. She required a surgery on the leg to remove the plate, and the shelter feared they would need to amputate to prevent further pain and suffering.

“This sweet girl has already been through so much, but her journey is far from over,” the shelter wrote.

But the adoption center was able to offset the cost of her surgery through donations. People everywhere were moved by Chloe’s sad story.

Then, something even more amazing happened: hundreds of adoption requests came in, asking to give Chloe a good home.

According to WHDH, little Chloe had a happy ending: not only did she successfully get her leg fixed, but she officially got her forever family at the same time, taking her home the day after the surgery.

We’re so glad everything worked out! As the pandemic continues, there will likely be more dogs like Chloe left without owners, but thankfully there will always be kindhearted people there to help them get a new start. Share this good news!