Dog is scared to go up escalator — so his owner carries him up like a baby

Our pets are like our children, and just like raising kids it’s our responsibility to make sure they feel safe.

Sometimes pets get scared of every day things — a dog may be fearless chasing off intruders one minute then be terrified by thunder the next.

One adorable viral video shows just how far owners will go to take care of their pets when they’re feeling frightened.

In the clip we see a man walking in a shopping mall with his golden retriever. However, when the man tries to go up the escalator, his dog isn’t having it:


The dog backs away, clearly scared of the machine.

But instead of dragging the dog onto the escalator, or just giving up going to the next floor, the man has another idea:

He picks the dog up like a baby and carries him!


He definitely gets some puzzled looks from the other mall patrons, but he clearly doesn’t care: the man happily carries his buddy all the way up.

And any fears the dog had about going up the escalator have clearly vanished, and he looks pretty safe and happy in his owner’s arms.


Watch the video below:

It’s amazing the lengths people will go for their dogs. Thank you to this man for being so thoughtful in helping his friend.

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