Dog has a hilarious reaction to seeing her groomer outside of the salon

Dog has a hilarious reaction to seeing her groomer outside of the salon

Do you remember when you saw one of your teachers outside of a school setting for the first time?

One Redditor summed it up pretty well.

“Yeah I remember as a kid seeing my first teacher outside of school, it really does not dawn on us you are people with lives outside the school until we experience it first hand. We see you as part of the schools furniture,” they wrote.

A dog named Muffin recently had a similar experience and her reaction was priceless.

Lisa Granade, operator of Happy at Home Pet Grooming in Seattle, Washington told The Dodo that she’s been grooming Muffin for three years.

Over the years the two have formed a sweet friendship.

“Muffin is a very goofy little girl! So affectionate!” Granade told The Dodo. “Her tail wags and she smiles the moment she sees me. I love having her in the salon.”


Recently the dog groomer was driving around town when she spotted Muffin and her owner out for a walk. Granade stopped her car and called out to Muffin’s owner.

“That’s a cute dog you’ve got there!” she said.


To make sure Granade’s voice wasn’t a figment of her imagination, the little pup began looking around. When she spotted her groomer her eyes grew wide.

“I think she was totally bamboozled!” Granade said. “She could not figure out why I wasn’t in the salon.”

Granade shared the hilarious photo on Reddit where it quickly reached the front page and earned over 50 thousand upvotes.

“The bond I have with my clients is the best part of the job,” Granade said. “It’s a relationship of trust and joy.”

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