Dog has a heart of gold – reveals just what our four-legged friends are capable of

Animals never cease to surprise me. Truck driver Dan certainly encountered one such surprise when he stopped his truck one day to retrieve a dog he found running along the road all alone.

But instead of running to the driver and seeking solace or food, the little dog immediately began to bark and signalled him to follow him towards the forest that lay nearby.

Following his guy, the driver decided to follow – but he never could have expected what he would soon discover.

We already know that dogs are kind-hearted animals that wish nothing but the best upon us. But at times, they can also amaze us, especially when it comes to other animals. Dan soon had proof of this.

One day, as he was driving his truck on the highway, he caught sight of a dog on the roadside. He knew immediately that he could not simply drive on. He wanted to rescue the little dog – so he pulled over.


The dog, however, did not seem the least interested in jumping into Dan’s truck. It began to bark instead and ran toward the forest.

The dog determinedly insisted Dan follow him into the forest. Dan eventually conceded and followed the dog into the woods.

The discovery

It soon became clear to Dan why the dog had been barking so much.


Under some bushes in the woods lay a little rabbit. Dan immediately picked it up, and the rabbit did not resist. He brought it back to his truck, with the dog following closely behind him.

He fed both the rabbit and the dog with some food he had in his truck:  a small snack for the dog and some lettuce for the rabbit. He then drove to the closest animal shelter which took them in.

Today, both the dog and the rabbit are living in new loving homes, organization Humane Society of Summit County writes.

Both Dan and the dog’s efforts in this story warmed my heart! I’m so impressed with Dan’s compassionate choice to stop and help a stray dog out – not to mention the dog’s compassionate act towards the bunny! Both are true heroes, if you ask me!


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