Daisy the dog goes on the run for two months with no hope of catching her when a 6-year-old girl works her magic

Some people have a way with animals and know just what to do to earn an animal’s trust.

Those people usually have a long history with animals, maybe they work with them or foster them before they find a forever home.

But in this story, it was a 6-year-old girl that proved her incredible expertise when it came to catching a dog who had been on the run for two months.

In just a few hours Meghan did what most adults couldn’t do in months and her incredible animal skills have been caught on camera.



Daisy the shepherd-mix dog had been living with a foster family but found a family that wanted to adopt her.

But two days after she was adopted, she clearly wasn’t happy in her new home and escaped.

For months people had been trying to encourage her back inside, but Daisy refused to return and could be seen wandering the rural areas of her hometown of Hollister, California.

Just when the adults decided to give up, they turned to 6-year-old Meghan and with the encouragement of her mom, she went out into the field to work her magic.

Crawled toward Daisy

Meghan goes out into the field and sits near the dog, slowly crawling toward Daisy.

You can hear her talking to Daisy in the clip below and eventually the dog stops and realizes she’s in safe hands with this animal expert.

Photo: YouTube

With patience and persistence Daisy finally comes to Meghan and the two enjoy lots of cuddles in the grass.

“I used all my experience with dogs” Meghan told KSBW News.

It wasn’t just the charms of Meghan that helped lure this shepherd-mix in from the cold but the fact she must have recognized Meghan from her days in foster homes.

Meghan and her family had fostered Daisy and it seems the dog had developed quite a bond with this little girl.

Photo: YouTube

Now Meghan and her family have found Daisy another forever family and the young girl of the family has plans to train Daisy to become a therapy dog.

But if she ever goes missing again, they know who to call.

Find out more about this incredible story in the clip below.

It’s no surprise that this smart young girl wants to work with animals when she’s older, she clearly has a talent.

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