Dog found ‘barely hanging on’ in dumpster now on the road to recovery

Dogs are such smart, beautiful animals — and yet, some heartless people still treat them literally like garbage. We’ve seen too many stories of pets being found in dumpsters and garbage cans.

That was the case recently, after a French bulldog was found “barely hanging on” to life after being discovered in a dumpster. But despite everything, he is now in good hands and expected to survive.

The French bulldog pup was found inside a dumpster behind a Mexican restaurant in Allen Park, Michigan. According to the News-Herald, employees had heard the sound of whimpering coming from the dumpster while taking out the trash.

According to nonprofit rescue Pound Pals Downriver, he was starving, struggling to breathe, and had bruises on his ribs and legs.

While the dog was “barely hanging on,” he was stabilized by Southgate Animal Hospital and placed in a hyperbaric chamber to help with his breathing.

The rescue asked for information on the case, and said officers were currently investigating how the dog ended up thrown out in the dumpster.

According to the News-Herald, those who examined the dog said he was likely neglected, and thrown away by someone unable to care for the dog’s medical needs.

The dog was named Queso, and despite all the odds against him, he kept fighting for survival and never lost his spirit. Tom Abraham, director of Pound Pals Downriver, called him a “very sweet and loving young dog.”

After evaluations, the rescue was able to diagnose the dog’s medical problems.

“His condition appears to stem from a disorder known as megaesophagus, which requires special care when feeding to prevent vomiting and/or food entering the windpipe,” Abraham told the News-Herald. “This is likely what caused him to be so underweight, and what caused the aspirate pneumonia that was making it so difficult for him to breathe. He had apparently been suffering for some time before being left in the dumpster.”

But thankfully, Queso is now expected to survive, though he still has some recovering to do.

According to an update from Pound Pals Downriver, Queso’s “condition has been improving,” and they said they were “cautiously optimistic about his prognosis.”

They said he was still spending time in the hyperbaric chamber and fighting pneumonia, but he has been eating and regaining weight.

Many people have reportedly expressed interest in adopting Queso, however, he is still too fragile to be adopted out just yet, and will need a special family when the time comes.

“The risk of complications due to malnutrition or aspirate pneumonia are quite high for dogs with this condition,” Abraham told the News-Herald. “We would be looking for someone with experience with special needs dogs, preferably with experience with French bulldogs and prepared for potential complications.”

While Queso isn’t fully out of the woods yet, he’s come a long way since being found clinging for life in the dumpster. It’s heartbreaking that anyone would throw him away like that, but we’re so glad he’s on the road to recovery now.

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