Dog finds place to die after being attacked – watch her amazing recovery after animal rescuers find her

The brutal acts committed against animals are unfathomable; it’s as though some people don’t think of an animal as having feelings.

When this pooch was found tucked away in a narrow space, rescuers were shocked at her condition.

Someone had attacked her with hot asphalt and the back half of her body was covered in burns.

But even if this pooch had given up on life, her animal rescuers wouldn’t let her, and they worked hard to bring her back from the brink of death.

The suffering pup was found in a narrow space between two walls curled up and refusing to move behind a gas station in Ang Thong, central Thailand.

Her backside and hind legs were severely burned after being covered in the hot asphalt and it is thought she found the quiet spot to pass away in peace.

Asana Pomloy found the skinny stray and refused to leave without her; eventually she had to drag her out of the tight spot so she could be taken for treatment.

”I found the puppy and she was in pain. The workers at the petrol station think she had been there for two days. It must have been torture for her,” Asana said, according to Newsflare.

The four-month-old pooch was rushed to the treatment center where she faced months of recovery.

Asana believes construction workers near to the gas station may be responsible for her injuries.

Moving her to a new home

”There are roadworks nearby and they think that one of the construction workers attacked her with the tarmac and she ran away. Perhaps because there are lots of stray dogs and they were annoyed at them,” she said.

The dog named Ma -Toi, meaning tarmac, was treated for one night at an animal hospital before being taken to Heart Hugs Dogs Foundation.

Owner Thannawat Thoophom said it took a few days for the depressed dog to trust her and let her treat her wounds.

Now she’s emotionally stable and her wounds have healed.

”Her story has touched many dog lovers out there. Many of them have also volunteered to adopt her. But we have to make sure she’s one hundred percent recovered before moving her to a new home.”

Watch her recovery in the clip below.

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