Dog ended up in the shelter after his owner died — familiar face travels thousands of miles to get him

It’s heartbreaking when someone passes away and leaves behind a pet. Not only are the pets left grieving, they sometimes end up in a shelter after their owner is gone.

That was the case recently when a dog named Alex ended up in a shelter after his owner’s death — but when a familiar face went the extra mile to get him, it led to a very emotional reunion.

Alex arrived at the Humane Society of South Mississippi on June 8 after his owner passed away, according to a Facebook post. Despite losing his home and owner, Alex was described as sweet and calm.

The dog’s future was uncertain — but thankfully, there was one man very determined to bring Alex home: the owner’s son.

Despite living thousands of miles away and still dealing with the recent death of his father, Michael Cook Jr. made it his mission to come get Alex from the shelter. He flew all the way from Washington to Mississippi to make it happen.

“After traveling 2,650 miles from Seattle and navigating the challenges of losing a loved one, he finally made it to our shelter,” the Humane Society of South Mississippi wrote on Facebook.

A photo shows Michael and Alex reuniting at the shelter, both very happy to see each other. After the death of their mutual loved one, it was no doubt a special, emotional moment to reunite with a familiar face.

“Alex smothered him in kisses and love,” the shelter told McClatchy News. “Alex couldn’t get enough of him. It was almost like he could not believe his eyes. He was so happy. Nothing but licks and tail wags.”

Many dogs struggle to find new homes after their owner dies, but thankfully Alex is now safe and still within the same family.

“It brought tears to their eyes… We see thousands of pets that end up at the shelter each year after being abandoned, surrendered, or disregarded as strays, so being able to see someone finally honoring the commitment to their family pet made for an uplifting day”

“Alex’s happiness was palpable, reminding us all of the incredible bond between pets and their families,” they wrote on Facebook.

What an inspiring reunion! We’re so glad that Alex is back with his late owner’s family ❤️

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