Dog delivers puppies: then owner looks closer and sees the newborns look like small cows

This Golden Retriever has had a big dose of baby joy recently! In November last year she gave birth to four healthy little puppies.

But there was one small detail that made her new arrivals a little different than most: They weren’t quite as ‘golden’ as their mom…

In fact, the puppies weren’t golden at all – and once you look at them you’ll probably think of a different animal altogether.

This is Rosie. She’s a Golden Retriver mix who lives with her owners in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her owners – John and Katie Black – work at a nearby volunteer center that helps rehabilitate injured dogs and find them new families.

They adopted Rosie a few years ago, and earlier last year they discovered she was pregnant!

In November last year, the big day arrived.

The couple waited with anticipation for the new arrivals, and gave Rosie all the support she needed during the birth. But once the puppies arrived, the couple took one look at them and had to do a double take. None of Rosie’s puppies looked like her.


But they were thrilled about that! Rosie and her dalmation-like puppies are absolutely adorable!


They named the puppies Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle and Moo.


Rosie takes good care of her puppies, but now and then she needs to rest up. Being a mom takes a lot of energy!


The little pups are just wonderful!


Here’s a short clip about the little ones and their mom:

…and look how big they’ve become already!

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