Dog born with six legs finds loving owner in bullied teen

Dog born with six legs finds loving owner in bullied teen

Some pets are just born different, but are still worthy of love and a good home. Luckily one unique dog found a very special friend in a kindred spirit.

Roo is a Labrador-cross who has a very special attribute: she was born with six legs. Unfortunately, those extra front paws can cause trouble and make it hard for her to walk.

She doesn’t experience any physical pain from her disability, however.

Facebook/Roo Salmon

Despite everything, it didn’t take long for the dog to find a home.

Lauren Salmon, from Orpington, England, went out to bring the dog home after her teenage son Luke heard about her online.

Lauren watched the dog as she hopped around on her hind legs, which inspired her name.

“When she jumps up on us she looks like a kangaroo, hence the name,” Lauren told SWNS. “But when she walks, she sort of staggers on her elbows with her bum in the air, like an army crawl.”

“It’s sad but it’s cute at the same time because she is so full of energy.”

Facebook/Roo Salmon

Lauren loved Roo immediately—but it was her son who really had a special connection to the dog.

Luke suffers from psoriasis causing patchy red skin, and kids at school bully him over the condition, and he related to the dog for being different, too.

“Luke feels like the odd one out because of his condition, and now he’s got a best friend to match,” Lauren said. “I think Roo will reduce Luke’s stress and that should help his skin.”

“Luke is like a protective father. They never leave each other’s sides and she even sleeps in his bed.”

Facebook/Roo Salmon

According to Roo’s Facebook page, the dog was not an eligible candidate for surgery to remove the extra legs, so for mobility she instead needed to use a specialized wheelchair.

It’s possible that one day when Roo is older she’ll be able to receive surgery and run around on four legs.

But for now, this family loves her the way she is.

“We absolutely love Roo to pieces,” Lauren told SWNS. “She’s is just a normal dog to us – just with a couple of extra bits.”

Sometimes just the right dog finds just the right owner. It’s clear that Roo and Luke are a perfect pair.

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