Here's why dogs want to follow you to the bathroom

Here’s why dogs want to follow you to the bathroom

One of the biggest advantages to having a dog is that you always have company. However, there are still a few occasions when you’d prefer to be alone, for example when you make a trip to the bathroom.

If you’ve ever taken care of a dog then you know that they’re desperate to accompany you when you do your business, but what most people don’t know is that they have their own good reasons for this (yes, really!).

Want to know why? Well, the answer is in this list of nine peculiar dog habits– and what they mean!

1. The classic puppy-dog eyes

When humans pull the ‘puppy-dog eyes’ we usually do it because we want something. But that isn’t the case for our pets. When dogs do this, they’re showing that there is an emotional bond and trust between you.


2. They come bearing gifts

When your pooch runs up to you proudly carrying some form of mysterious gift in their mouth, you should truly feel honored! They’re doing this to show you something they love and to share the joy they get from the object with you.

3. They want to cuddle after food

When a dog has a full belly, they’re the happiest they can be. So if yours comes up to you to play or cuddle when they’re done eating, it means they’re comfortable around you.

4. They know when something’s wrong

Dogs don’t need to be able to talk to humans to know when something is wrong. They’re great at reading body language, and if they see that you’re sad they’re always keen to comfort you.


5. They follow you to the bathroom

If a dog follows you to the bathroom, it’s a good sign! They’re showing that they’re close to you. According to veterinarians, dogs instinctively want to do everything with their family.

6. They lick your face and body

If a dog licks your face, it means they trust you – they’re sensing good vibes from you! Dogs feel a sense of calm when they lick someone’s face, and it’s also the way they show love.


7. They go a little wild when you come home!

One of the best things about dogs is they don’t hide their feelings. A dog who jumps and runs around when you enter the room is really happy to see you.

8. They lean against you

If a dog leans against you, they are looking to you for comfort and love.

9. They creep into your bed

Dogs can make themselves comfortable anywhere, but if they choose to snuggle up in your bed it means they want to be close to your scent and warmth.


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