Dog barks angrily at owner’s baby bump – then doctor discovers the unthinkable

Dogs have a great ability to tell us when something is wrong. They can sense if we are sad, worried or angry just by looking at us. But that isn’t the only ability they have.

Their amazing sense of smell can also reveal when something is wrong in our bodies.

That’s exactly what dog Keola did for his pregnant owner.

Keola lives with his owners Ricky and Alhanna in South Yorkshire, England. She’s part of the family and loves her mom and dad.

In 2015 Alhanna fell pregnant, and Keola discovered that there would soon be a new family member to love.

Facebook/Alhanna Butler

At first, the dog seemed happy to see his owner’s growing bump. It was as though she understood that there was a baby in there. But suddenly, something changed.

Facebook/Alhanna Butler

Keola’s behaviour changed completely. The dog starting showing an unusually large interest in Alhanna’s belly. She barked, whined and nudged the bump, as though she was trying to show something.

Around the same time, Alhanna started to feel a severe pain in her back.

Facebook/Alhanna Butler

Alhanna went to the doctor to find out what was causing the pain in her back, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. But Alhanna started to believe that the pain was to do with the growing child in her belly.

When she came home from the hospital, Keola sat completely still, staring at her. Alhanna became worried again. Why was her dog behaving like this?

She took a photo and posted it to Facebook to show her friends. Her friends reacted immediately and said she should take Keola’s behaviour seriously, because dogs have an ability to sense when something’s wrong.

Time went by and Keola’s strange behaviour became even worse. Eventually Alhanna went back to the doctor for a new check-up – and this time they found a problem.

The problem that the dog had sensed the whole time.

Facebook/Alhanna Butler

It turns out that Alhanna had been close to dying. She had a double kidney infection – and a rare one.

She got to the hospital just in time and received immediate treatment.

Thanks to Keola’s persistent alerts, Alhanna and her little son survived.

Weeks later, the couple’s son was born and Keola finally got to meet her “little brother”. They became best friends at first sight.

Facebook/Alhanna Butler

I’m sure Keola will continue to protect Lincoln, just like he protected his mom. Owners Ricky and Alhanna can now laugh lovingly over what a protective and smart dog he is.

The things that dogs can do for us are unbelievable. Keola is a real hero and deserves to be honored for his intervention!

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