They discover their dog doesn’t sleep at night and just watches them. The reason why is scary

A dog is a man’s best friend and most people love them with all their heart. When we decide to welcome a new pet into our family, it is obvious that they will be loved unconditionally.
It is important that dogs get the necessary love, safety and attention they need.
This fictional story is all about this – it shows that a dog’s trust is nothing to play with!

A married couple with three children decided to adopt a Golden Retriever. Immediately the dog and the children became best friends. They always played together and protected each other.

The dog was very intelligent, he quickly learned new tricks and commands. The children were always teaching the dog new things. It was obvious that the cheeky dog enjoyed playing around with the family. But quite soon after adoption he began behaving strangely. The dog sat outside the parents’ bedroom every night.

The mother and father used to sleep with the door completely open and soon they realized that the dog always appeared outside their room.

Every night he sat there with his big beautiful brown eyes staring at them. Apparently he did not sleep at night, but in the morning he was the first to greet his mom and dad.


Since the family had previously adopted two other dogs and they had never behaved that way, they wondered if there could be anything wrong with the dog: if he wanted to warn the family or if he might be ill. 

They took him to a vet, where they were told that their four-legged friend was the picture of health. It was then that they decided to return to the home where they had adopted the dog, to try and find out the reason for his strange nocturnal behavior

The staff at the shelter had a possible explanation – the response left the family broken hearted. The reason was that the former irresponsible owner suddenly left the dog one night, so he could abandon him without having to look him in his eyes. The owner never came back.

The dog did not understand what had happened. Where did his owner go? When he woke up, his entire surroundings were completely different. The dog feared that everything he had would leave him overnight, which is why he didn’t dare to sleep.

Fortunately, the dog had come to a family who would never let him down, but sadly his fear of abandonment had remained.


The family could barely hold back tears when they heard the story and thought about how they could help their furry friend. 

In order to restore self-confidence and trust in the family, they put a small dog basket next to the parents’ bed. They wanted to show that they wanted the dog close and they would never leave him. It took a lot of time to adapt to the new routines.

A few weeks later, the owners realized that the dog was sleeping quietly. Since then, the dog has lived happily and luckily he came to people who love him and take care of him as a member of the family. I wish that all dogs could have the same chance to find people who really love them! 

So why should you share this story?

All pets come with a lot of responsibility, so before you buy a dog / cat / hamster or whatever it may be – ask yourself if you really have the time, energy and passion to care about your pet. They are not toys!

Animals are beings that know and deserve all the love in the world. Love them and I promise you will win a life long friend and soul mate!

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