Deputy finds and rescues puppy abandoned at homeless camp

Deputy finds and rescues puppy abandoned at homeless camp

It’s always heartbreaking to see an abandoned pet. So many cats and dogs are left to fend for themselves, struggling to find food and water on the street.

Their only chance is for someone to come along and find them and help them get a new life. That was the case for one little puppy who likely would’ve died if not for a local deputy.

Last September, Deputy Hart of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama was on patrol when he came across an abandoned homeless camp off the highway.

Then he found one precious item apparently left behind: A puppy.

The little dog was found roaming around the abandoned site. It isn’t clear who he belonged to but it seemed he was left behind by a former resident of the homeless camp.

But it was clear the dog was struggling, and had been going without food or water for some time. It’s easy to imagine he would’ve died if the deputy had not been in the right place at the right time.

Deputy Hart took the puppy in his arms and got him to safety. He was taken to the Cherokee Animal Shelter and quickly put up for adoption, putting him on track to find a perfect forever home.

Thank you Deputy Hart! He rescued this sweet puppy from an abandoned homeless camp – this little buddy was there all alone with no food or water 😢 hopeful the puppy will be on the way to a great home now!

Posted by K9kait on Sunday, September 22, 2019

Thank you, Deputy Hart for saving this puppy! Hopefully he has found a perfect new home and will be safe and happy for now on.

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